What Works, by Alison Blackman Dunham, the Advice Sisters

Summer 2005

Consciousness Arts, the creators of Bliss Trips $17.95, has a set of unique, audio CDs that provide short, relaxing mental journeys to calm your mind and relax your body. If you've ever visited a high-end spa, you've probably heard similar music, but what makes these more interesting are the mixture of tracks with a narrator offering mental images for you to focus on, along with a solo music track. Each of the 4 CDs (Flying With the Wind, Gifts from the Earth, On Moonbeams, The Dolphin's Dance) has a narrated, 30-minute MegaBliss journey, a narrated, 15-minute MiniBliss journey, and a 15-minute music-only track. For the creatively-challenged, each CD has a booklet of "journey ideas" (visual image suggestions) to create your own, personalized experience. These are great to use at the beach or perhaps for your next at-home spa night. Even one would make a thoughtful gift. TIP: add a Bliss Trip CD and a scented candle to a basket containing pampering bath & body products--instant wedding/baby shower/birthday gift! A set of CDs plus a CD player would be great for someone recuperating in the hospital, too.

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