A Retailer's Review, by Jean Haller

Owner, Journeys of Life, Pittsburgh, PA
Review Columnist for New Age Retailer
Member, Board of Directors, Coalition of Visionary Resources

Who doesn't need a little relaxation, especially during the stressful times of life? Bliss Trip CDs are the perfect tool to lower anyone's stress level. Kerstin Sjoquist, the founder of Consciousness Arts, has created and produced these “mini vacations for the mind” based on hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques and the four elements - Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Each CD offers a 30 minute “Mega Bliss” track consisting of wonderfully relaxing music with a guided meditation, together creating an instant escape. An additional 15 minute mini retreat is perfect for even the busiest mind or body. Finally, each CD has 15 minutes of relaxing music which can be used to create a “Do It Yourself Bliss” experience. Even the packaging suggests a feeling of serenity, warmth and relaxation.

Each of the four volumes of Bliss Trips includes a booklet that offers ideas to use with the music track to create a personalized magical journey. Choices include Dolphin's Dance, Gifts from the Earth, On Moonbeams, and Flying with the Wind ($9.00 each WS). At this price they are an affordable means to get away from it all. Your customers can pop one into the CD player, close their eyes and go on a mini vacation without the long lines and stress of traveling. But remind all who purchase a Bliss Trip volume that they must eventually return “home.”

As a side note, Kerstin, a certified hypnotherapist, encourages retail visitors to her website to support local, independent businesses by referring them to stores that carry her products. So, not only does she have an excellent product but also she practices great business principles through her web referrals.