Bliss Tripping, by Linda Atnip

Alternatives, New Orleans, February 2005
Used with the permission of the author

If you're looking for a unique gift for your Valentine, or feel like pampering yourself, Bliss Trips by Consciousness Arts provides an E-ticket adventure, and you don't have to travel to Disney World to experience it! The creative force behind the Elemental series is Kerstin Sjoquist, a certified hypnotherapist with a practice in San Francisco who draws upon her extensive background in acting, and blends it with her esoteric pursuits to create guided journeys that are simply entrancing.

Kerstin's bio reads like an exciting, fantasy novel. She describes her childhood in such an engaging manner, I have excerpted her words which read: "As a child she tramped through the woods with her grandfather, hot on the trail of an elusive hobbit. Summers found her orchestrating friends in spontaneous productions, commandeering an abandoned wagon for a pioneer drama, turning a pontoon boat into a mermaid lair, leading a gypsy caravan with an abandoned hobbyhorse."

As you can probably tell, Kerstin has an amazing gift for poetic expression and creating visual imagery. Her Bliss Trips begin with a 30-minute Mega-bliss experience, followed by a 15-minute Mini-Bliss meditation, and culminate with a music only Do-It Yourself journey. The themes for the four journeys are the elements of water, air, light and air.

If your favorite element is water, you're sure to enjoy The Dolphin's Dance, where a playful pod frolic under the sea and invite you to leap and play as if you were one of them. If you are looking for a relaxing way to while away the day, Flying With the Wind uses the element of air to take you to an other-worldly reality where you manifest your innermost desire. Or perhaps you have a dream for humanity that you would like to fulfill. Then, On Moonbeams, is for you. On a beam of celestial light, you will travel through a mythical moonscape to enhance the creation of dreams and wishes. For the nature lover, Gifts from the Earth is the perfect embodiment of honoring Gaia and all she holds sacred. As the journey begins, you enter a mysterious forest where you quickly discover a magical map that even Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwart would envy. Rather than give away what happens next, I'll only tell you, it's not to be missed if you're looking to reconnect with the Earth and her roots.

All Bliss Trips come in eco-friendly packaging and with musical beds designed by film composer, Larry Good who adds both guitar and synthesized tracks throughout that perfectly punctuate the action of the narration. With Kerstin's soothing vocals directing the action, Bliss Trips are the perfect wind down from a busy day, or a great escape from the pressures of life, and a meaningful way to tell someone you love them.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Linda Atnip of Los Angeles is founder of
Words of Light Productions and
author of Miranda's Magic Garden.
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