Music for Bliss

Accompaniments for your Bliss Trip Moment

Following are streaming music files you can use to enhance your Bliss Trip Moment. Each begins with Kerstin Sjoquist leading you on a relaxing "Bliss Breath," and then you are off to discover your inner realms.

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Music from the Gifts from the Earth* Bliss Trip (11 minutes).
Music from the Flying with the Wind* Bliss Trip (8 minutes).
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Spring: Tranquil strings with a dramatic middle section (5 minutes).
The Web: Swirling atmospheric synthesizers (8 minutes).
Gregorian Chants by Gregorian Sense (8 minutes).
Note: This selection does not include the Bliss Breath narration.

These streaming music files require that your browser or device be capable of playing Macromedia Flash files. For more information, please see the Flash website at:

*Music from the Bliss Trips CDs composed by Larry Good