Bliss Trip Guided Journey CD Wins 1st Runner Up in Spoken Word from The Coalition of Visionary Resources


San Francisco, California August, 2005 -- COVR proudly announced the Winners of the 2005 Visionary Awards Honoring the Best of the New Age Books, Music, Products. ( For the 8th year, COVR has presented their Visionary Awards at the International New Age Trade Show in Denver. This year's awards were presented at the INATS banquet June 25, 2005 ( Interest in spirituality, metaphysics, meditation and conscious living has never been stronger. The COVR Visionary Awards were judged by retailers and seasoned professionals who evaluate each title based on content, presentation and their own knowledge of the industry.

Vocal/Spoken Word 1st Runner Up Bliss Trips: Gifts From The Earth; submitted by Consciousness Arts, artists Kerstin Sjoquist & Larry Good.

"I am simply thrilled about this award. To have this CD recognized by retailers and other industry specialists as one of the best in the field is such an honor, and I feel privileged to be in such company," said Kerstin Sjoquist founder of Consciousness Arts and producer of the Bliss Trip CD Elemental Series.

"The use of guided meditations as a tool for wellness really seems to be on the rise. I hear more and more practitioners and retailers saying their customers and clients are clamoring for guided meditations to help them reduce stress and the Bliss Trip CD series is in high demand,” continues Sjoquist, a certified hypnotherapist with a private practice based in San Francisco.

"When I created these journeys it was really important to me that they really help people attain that lovely state of mind known as bliss. The music was specifically composed for each meditation, and I worked to make sure that the relaxation techniques were woven seamlessly into the experience. It's my mission to help people understand the enormous power their imaginations have to create joy and change in their lives. It's something that every little kid knows how to do, and yet as adults we often forget how easy it is. I think this recognition from the Visionary Awards committee is a sign that people are ready to begin to use their imaginations to make their lives even better."

Bliss Trips are guided journeys designed to soothe your body, calm your mind and free your spirit. Bliss Trip Journey CD's combine calming narration and beautiful music to create relaxation, rejuvenation and transformation. Each Guided Journey encourages the world-at-large to use imagination to foster inner peace and outer joy. Bliss Trips Guided Journeys ($17.95 each) may be viewed and listened to at For more information on Kerstin Sjoquist's private practice, seminars and workshops visit

Giving Back:

A portion of the proceeds of each Bliss Trip CD is donated to charitable organizations. This year Consciousness Arts has selected a charity that does extraordinary work: Women for Women International. Women for Women's mission is to help survivors of crisis and war rebuild their lives in stable and lasting ways through appropriate training, financial assistance (gifts and loans) and individual attention. Consciousness Arts has chosen to donate to this organization because it has low administrative overhead and a very effective hands-on approach.

Women for Women International has worked in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Croatia, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda and the Congo.

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