A Bliss-Trip-a-Day, Volume 1

Seven mini-meditations to bring joy to your life

Make each day of your life full and rich. This delightful combination of narration and music creates captivating daydreams to help you to refresh and engage the world with a positive mind. Listen to one ten-minute Bliss Trip to create the inner joy that will resonate throughout your day. With beautiful eco-friendly packaging, A Bliss-Trip-a-Day is a lovely gift — for someone you love, or for yourself!

The Journeys

  1. Introduction (1:30)
  2. Origin of a Smile (9:42)
  3. Scrapbook of Fond Memories (9:54)
  4. Flowering (10:41)
  5. A Tropical Island (9:46)
  6. The Secret Tree (10:32)
  7. Love Letter to Me (9:13)
  8. Water Drop (10:38)

Narration and music
70 minutes

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