About Kerstin

Imaginologist and hypnotic muse, Kerstin Sjoquist has been involved in explorations of the inner realms as an avenue for personal growth and spiritual development since the late 1980s. Along the way she began to facilitate classes and workshops for groups, sharing the techniques and knowledge that she had found useful in her own process. In 2001 she formed Consciousness Arts in order to formalize her facilitation practice.

Kerstin has a masters degree in East-West Psychology with a focus in transpersonal psychology from the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS). Some of her other training includes:

  • Completed the Hypnotherapy Certification Program at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute. HTI is licensed by the State of California (as required by law throughout the United States), and diplomas are approved by California State Bureau of Private Post secondary and Vocational Education.
  • Ongoing Continuing Education through HTI's advanced training program.
  • Completed a year-long study of Light Body, an energetic technique originated by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, and authors of many best selling books such as Personal Power Through Awareness and Living with Joy.
  • Completed a two-year study of Alexander Technique, a mind-body practice.
  • Ongoing self-directed study, attending a variety of classes and workshops in topics such as belief work, conscious creation, metaphor and the human psyche, bodywork, hypnosis, and dreams.

Kerstin was also awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the Women In Community Service Lifeskills Training Program for her work in empowering women to make the transition from welfare to work.